how to survive middle school

Middle school is a very difficult time in every person’s life. However, recent studies show that girls are more prone to suffer this time of their lives. Thus, there is a huge campaign out there meant to help girls to live this phase the best possible way. So, if you want to know how to survive middle school, pay attention to the following advice.

If you are a middle-schooler, then you know that sometimes your confidence and self-esteem is crushed due to negative comments and gossip from other girls (or dudes). However, you can get through this. Your body is changing and so is your mind. You are actually becoming smarter, prettier and wittier. So, embrace this phase and be kind to yourself. Accept that you are learning and that everyone around you is learning too. We can assure you that all of what you are going through right now is normal and, best of all, it will be over real soon. 

You see, when you get out of school you will see that the world is full of different people and possibilities. There are others, like you, out here. You just haven’t met them yet. The best advice? Love yourselves and everything else will fall into place. Good luck! 

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