Americans pay no federal income tax

Even though it is unbelievable, there is a huge portion of society who doesn’t have to pay taxes. Yes. Some Americans pay no federal income tax. In fact, an estimated number of 45% of households who don’t pay their tribute to Uncle Sam. Why? Why do these people can avoid giving their hard earned money to the government? In some cases, these people have no income to tax. Others, pull maneuvers to not pay taxes.  

It is well known that a lot of rich people do whatever it takes to get erased from the tax documents. However, this is not the only portion of society who are not paying what they should. In fact, only a 1% of the people who are not paying taxes are rich. So, what is happening? 

However and even though this statistic makes you want to pull maneuvers yourself to not pay your obligations, remember that, by doing so, you can get into real trouble.  We suggest you learn more about this issue before doing anything you will later regret. Also, remember that paying taxes allows citizens to live well. 

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